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Hey guys! Today is the last day to vote for Gunnerkrigg Court in this ComicMix contest, and since Tom Siddell is a really nice and talented dude who just made this extremely well-done comic his fulltime job, he could really use the money (which he’s planning on donating anyway) and the exposure this victory would get him. Do your part and help out because it will make me like you a lot, and if you haven’t already, you should actually read this comic from the start - it doesn’t take too long and both the art and plot get exponentially better with time.

Just about 40 minutes until polls close

Give this one last push to secure a win!


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    YES YES GO. I really wouldn’t want Goblins to win this… compared to GC I mean seriously.
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    OMG I THOUGHT THERE WERE ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WHO READ THIS! Btw, I want to cosplay the red head 8x
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    And they won! I should catch up on Gunnerkrigg after I finish this semester.
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    yes this needs to be read by everyone everyone
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    Vote :D