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According to a discussion on their forums, the password is stored locally in a cookie, and transmitted in cleartext on every request.
Editor’s Note: And of course, they do not support HTTPS.

I don’t have an account there, but i really hope that this gets corrected soon. That’s one of the most glaring issues I’ve seen!

It won’t be.  Fast Eddie doesn’t care.


ah sorry, a HUGE sorry to my followers for spamming you guys with my dumb fuckin face. here’s because xayners requested additional shenanigans. i hope you like forests cause that’s all we’ve got here in sweden!! :)

also if anyone wondered what i’m keeping in the gemini pouch in my belt:

errr, it’s not what you think. it’s a first blood trophy thing ok guys.








Somebody kill me

Each Jenny has a different symbol on their hat

And I don’t know which one to do for my cosplay…

…Holy crap, how did I never notice this before?

So THAT’S how Brock knows!

All the Joy’s are different, too. Their crosses are each different colors.


#I thought the Nurse Joy one only happened recently though #like in the new seasons

Nope. While blue and pink repeated a few times, generally each Joy had a different color city to city.


These are all from season 1 & 2 Nurse Joys.

Oh good god.

holy fucking shit how did no one else notice this it’s been like tEN FUCKING YEARS