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Let me paint you a picture.

An internet community gets going. It starts small, with a dedicated userbase. Then it grows larger, and as a result, the closely-knit userbase finds the state of affairs intolerable moves their discussions to an external location. Like a chatroom, another forum, or an IRC channel. Some users continue straddling the two.

I think I’ve found a third instance of this happening. Does this happen every time? Is this state of affairs cyclical? Is this the work of the Wheel?

Must investigate further.

I’ve seen this happen twice. I’m guessing it’s a Dunbar’s number thing.

That the moved-out community started there doesn’t seem important. I mean most people on #yackfest were some kind of latecomer to trope-hell.

(the necessary ingredient: elitism)

Stuff like this happened back in Usenet days, something along these lines was mentioned in this article back in 2003 so it’s a pretty common thing, yeah.  The Dunbarish thing also gets a mention.


No Gaim or ToQger this week for some odd tv show called ‘soccer’ or ‘football’. Lots of translation wank over which one it is.

Seems lame. The story is flimsy, nobody transforms, and nobody jumps into the air before they kick.

It wasn’t even the World Cup, actually.  It was fucking golf.



Arts wiki

According to a discussion on their forums, the password is stored locally in a cookie, and transmitted in cleartext on every request.
Editor’s Note: And of course, they do not support HTTPS.

I don’t have an account there, but i really hope that this gets corrected soon. That’s one of the most glaring issues I’ve seen!

It won’t be.  Fast Eddie doesn’t care.


ah sorry, a HUGE sorry to my followers for spamming you guys with my dumb fuckin face. here’s because xayners requested additional shenanigans. i hope you like forests cause that’s all we’ve got here in sweden!! :)

also if anyone wondered what i’m keeping in the gemini pouch in my belt:

errr, it’s not what you think. it’s a first blood trophy thing ok guys.








Somebody kill me

Each Jenny has a different symbol on their hat

And I don’t know which one to do for my cosplay…

…Holy crap, how did I never notice this before?

So THAT’S how Brock knows!

All the Joy’s are different, too. Their crosses are each different colors.


#I thought the Nurse Joy one only happened recently though #like in the new seasons

Nope. While blue and pink repeated a few times, generally each Joy had a different color city to city.


These are all from season 1 & 2 Nurse Joys.

Oh good god.

holy fucking shit how did no one else notice this it’s been like tEN FUCKING YEARS